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iLabor is a technology solution that aggregates secondary suppliers for middle market companies and staffing industry clients. Many of our customers have fragmented secondary supplier programs, have multiple people engaged in the process, have no tool to measure performance, and communicate via multiple emails and struggle keeping their secondary suppliers engaged. iLabor can solve this problem. We adopt your business process, automate your program and help you monetize your secondary supplier program.  iLabor allows for effective aggregation and tiering of secondary suppliers as well as provides a single place for suppliers and customers to engage with one another.  Customers have one place to go to receive candidates, engage with secondary suppliers and pay one invoice.  Secondary suppliers have one system that allows them to see all that the client has to offer, receive real-time feedback on candidate activity, upload compliance documents and receive payment.  Whether you want to engage with ilabors’ network of suppliers, utilize a closed network of your own or are a supplier looking to have access to more requisitions, iLabor can help.




Staffing Companies

According to the US Staffing Industry Forecast, in 2014 the staffing industry is projected to have a market size of 137 billion.  As much as 20 - 30% of that revenue is leveraged through the use of secondary suppliers. With candidate “speed to market” being one of the staffing industry’s greatest differentiators, industry leaders are making the enablement of their secondary supplier program paramount.

Are you looking to identify a technology enabler to enhance your secondary supplier program?

With ilabor you could:

  • Streamline delivery workflow
  • Ensure all orders get triaged, worked and filled
  • Improve broadcasting orders to secondary supplier network
  • Receive all secondary supplier talent through one channel
  • Bolster recruitment horsepower without adding headcount
  • Have your internal recruiters more strategically focused
  • Simplify the on-boarding process, compliance and document warehousing
  • Eliminate the need to pay multiple secondary supplier invoices
  • Provide for more sophisticated analytics around your secondary supplier spend and supplier effectiveness
  • Have the ability to match skillsets to the appropriate niche supplier
  • Monetize your vendor program (Speed to market and increased revenue
  • Become a partner your clients can’t live without


Are you a small staffing company with a strong candidate database and recruitment team.
Are you looking to improve sales and order flow
Want to get access to business that is currently unobtainable...
Willing to be a sub vendor to another staffing company, but don’t want to waste time and resource...
Ilabor can be an attractive way to improve revenue
WHAT IS IN IT to be a vendor in the ilabor network?

  • Access to a multitude of client orders
  • One place to go for all order activity
  • Email alerts with new orders and activity
  • A relentless commitment to feedback on candidate activity – real time status
  • Vendor training both initial and ongoing
  • Brief and easy training webinars
  • Frequently Asked Questions Guide
  • Stratification of orders to match vendor’s strength
  • Escalation process for obstacle removal, questions or feedback
  • Simple onboarding

Middle Market Clients

Are you a mid-sized company looking for a vms “lite” solution?
Not interested in a highly engineered, expensive, non-customizable vendor management solution
Ilabor can be an easy way to insert a “plug and play” VMS solution

  • Intelligent tool to manage staffing vendor performance
  • Rapid implementation with flexible options to fit your unique organization
  • Simple training and ease of use
  • Model is vendor funded – cost neutral
  • Helps create a motivated vendor community who dedicate recruitment horsepower to you
  • Offers vendors real time feedback and status updates
  • Provides for document warehousing and makes it easy to improve compliance
  • Simple and actionable reporting
  • Supports timekeeping and approval process
  • Offers a single point of contact and one invoice
  • Improves internal productivity – less time spent on the staffing process



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