How we got started

From a small IT recruiting company to multi-million dollar company, we innovated our way to the top.

To make working 
with a third party 
vendors a breeze
To make working with a third party vendors a breeze

iLabor360 enables recruiting teams to fill more of the job orders that typically go unfilled. iLabor360 gives staffing firms a structured process for working with their Third-Party Vendors while driving more placements and mitigating their risk. Do you currently have a process in place for working with corp to corp vendors? Do you know who your trusted partners are, and have a way to mitigate risk while expanding your recruiting bandwidth? Take a look around and get in touch if you have interest in seeing how we have automated this process for staffing firms of all sizes, including APEX and Kforce!

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Our Story

Staffing firms are very familiar with Vendor Management Systems but for the most part, not looked at internally to engage with and optimize their own pool of third-party vendors. iLabor360 was built specifically for this purpose.

iLabor was founded by Staffing Industry Experts Michael Traina & Steve Gage who experienced failure managing and utilizing their Third Party Talent. iLabor's Leadership Team has years of experience in the Day Labor, Skilled Labor, IT, Financial & Medical Staffing worlds and understand that the Staffing industry needed a solution with ultimate flexibility, so we designed iLabor to be:
* Cloud based
* Integrated with your ATS
* Open API
Faster candidate submittals. Increased recruiter performance and profitability. Reduced manual administration. iLabor is the solution you’ve been waiting for—now’s the time to transform your business.


Our Vision

iLabor360 is a cloud-based Vendor Management System (built specifically for staffing firms of all sizes to provide technology and guidance to better procure, manage, optimize and build trusted secondary supplier programs.

Our Mission

To revolutionize supplier channel management across the staffing industry.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you close more business while cutting risk that is generally associated with third parties .

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I am a big believer in putting the team first. It resonates in everything we do, especially for the thousands of customers we help every day. I am my team.

Steve Gage

Why is this the right time to move to iLabor?

Rapid Job Order Distribution

Speed matter in staffing; with the click of a button in your ATS, reqs will be distributed with ease. No need for recruiters to copy and paste emails or manage “bcc’ distro lists.

Improve Compliance

We have all had a bad experience…bring light into where it has never been before. With tracking and visibility into the formal process you are able to cultivate trusted partners and eliminate the others

Centralized Management

We offer a single location to broadcast requirements, review subs, communicate with your suppliers and monitor their activity and it’s all in your ATS


No more wild west a formal process brings calm to the chaos Individual spreadsheets, email distro lists and tear sheets at the desk level are gone

Improve pricing

Your Third-party vendors are recruiters too and can tend to send rates that are “a little” high. Visibility and competition drives rates down. Customers see 10% improvement on their margins in iLabor

Access to critical data

Robust customizable reporting and metrics. Make better decisions and manage your internal team and external vendors with data.

Auto ‘Magic’ Notifications

All recruiters love feedback on their candidates. Third-party vendors are no different. We give them feedback automatically to them without your recruiters having to think about it.

ATS Integrations Open API

If its not in the ATS it didn’t happen still rings true. We have numerous integrations for you and your vendors to automate every possible action between iLabor360 and the ATS

Streamlined consistent process

Improves peed and increase revenue with a set process that is simple, efficient, and fits in seamlessly to your recruiters current workflow


Convinced ? Well Let’s have a talk then.

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