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Not working with third-party vendors is not an option in this market. By 2020, the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industries may be short more than 1.1 million skills workers, globally, according to Korn Ferry’s Future of Work: The Global Talent Crunch report. More than likely, the impact of this shortage is already impacting your IT staffing firm. Unfortunately, the shortage is only set to grow. Fast forward to 2030 and that deficit may reach a devastating 4.3 million. These high shortage numbers may be one of the reasons your firm sources talent with the help of third-party vendors. Unfortunately, they’re often looked at as the ‘necessary evil’ of the staffing world. Luckily, there’s a way to lessen the negative connotations associated with them. The key to decreasing frustrations, ultimately, increasing profits revolves around having the right resources. That’s where vendor management systems come into play. For example, each feature we offer at iLabor intentionally tackles the challenges IT staffing firms face when working directly with third-party staffing vendors.

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A.I. Powered Matching

Our ai/ml will read each job order, score candidates that are submitted to that requirement and also recommend previous candidates that live in the data base as possible fits that can be recruited.

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Cloud Processing

iLabor360 utilizes AWS Cloud Services for our database and with our open API access it makes it easy to integrate iLabor360 with your ATS.

Faster and Easier process

iLabor360 delivers a service and technology solution that helps put our customers in the driver seat to work smarter in how they compete in the talent acquisition landscape.

Key Features

Your Vendors will Love.

Q & A

No need to take time to craft an email or spend time trying to get the recruiter on the phone to ask a question

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Realtime communication with notifications and tracking within the system and on the candidate record

Incident tracker

Manage, monitor and always know where your vendors stand

Candidate Bench

Vendors preload an unlimited number of candidates for quicker submissions and candidate identification


Unmatched passion, Uncompromised solutions










Internal Efficiencies

Manage sub-vendors with KPIs (scorecard)Delivery processes/reports are streamlined via dashboards with real-time information


Improved Speed To Market

Capability to leverage sub-vendor candidate bench & higher visibility of candidate status will enhance client delivery


Stronger Coverage and Fill Ratios

Scalable sub-vendor delivery solution in alignment with order volume

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“6 months in, we can’t imagine where we would be without iLabor360 and consider them as part of our team. Not only are we making more placements but the increase in visibility into our third party business from the reporting to tracking and visibility into our vendors has given me the ability to make better business decisions.”

Kevin Haas


iLabor has proven experience helping our Clients with Vendor Compliance by facilitating, collecting & reviewing the documents on our clients behalf. Making a seamless onboarding experience for all.

Types of Documents We Collect & Review


Diversity Certificate
Certificate of Good Standing
Articles of Incorporation


SubContracting Agreements
Varying Certificates of Insurance

iLabor is a True Partnership

iLabor acts as an extension of your Compliance Team. We can be as involved as your team needs us to be. When a Vendor Onboarding Request occurs we can send out, collect and review all of the Vendor Onboarding documents on your behalf and then submit to your Compliance Department fully completed documents reducing your team's back and forth with the Vendors.

iLabor can track expiration of documents, insurance levels and diversity certificates and spend.

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